Aquaponics - Duckweed

Since I moved my duckweed into it's new home it's growing like some kind of thing that grows a lot.

It looked like this nineteen days ago.

Then eighteen days ago I lost a lot of it because I overflowed my tank and all the duckweed went for a walk over the edge.

It looks like this today.

It's not lost on me that this is a poor comparison.

I realise they look pretty much the same, but this latest one is many layers thick in most parts. The original pic is all a single layer thick. I had no idea it could grow this way in multiple layers.

I suspect this is a dangerous thing to grow on top of a fishtank as it might choke the water. I doubt  the water will see enough oxygen. If not for the fact that I only have one fish, I think there could be trouble.

I think I might scoop all this out and do a time lapse of it growing back, but then I think I might move it into some other containers or something.

120 Things in 20 years wants some trout fingerlings.


  1. People sell the stuff on eBay. This mystifies me. I spend a great deal of time cleaning it out of my growbed pipes, and can't figure out how it even gets there to begin with. The overflow feeds all the way from the bottom of the 4' deep fish tank. There is a T connector at the top of the overflow pipe to prevent a siphon forming in case of HSMs, but the outflow is sufficient enough that there's no way I can see the water level ever reaching that high. But there are always massive clumps of duckweed roots accumulated under the places where the water feeds into the grow beds. Apparently, duckweed has mad deep-diving abilities.

  2. It's illegal to possess in some parts of the country, like Texas.


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