Aqaponics - Experimental tomato tactics

It turns out you can simply hack the top of a tomato off, stick it into your aquaponics system's media, and it will grow.

So as a bit of an experiment, I've been waiting until my big old tomato vine develops some flowers, then cutting off around a foot tall of the end growing bit with the flowers.

I jam it into the media and it wilts a bit. But then it comes good, the flowers open, and fruit is set.

It seems to be working, and might allow me to grow better quality tomatoes. I have no idea why, but it might.

It certainly will save some space.

Also it  allow me to grow six enormous tomatoes on a tiny one foot high vine which although it might not serve any purpose, it might look interesting. And let's face it. Looking interesting is what sells all those perfect little tomatoes still on the vine in nice neat rows that we see in super markets.

 My bee visited again today.

120 Things in 20 years is doing all those experements that don't really need doing so nobody else has to.

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