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Is it just me or is everyone crazy?

Don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question .

I just picked a stack of cherry tomatoes from my aquaponics system. They represent only the second batch that has made it back to the house. All the others were devoured before the back door. But this time, some made it.

Looking at them in my kitchen has me wondering why we insist on having all our fresh produce being uniform in size, shape, and colour. This is a very "developed world" kind of issue, so if you are more sensible than this where you live, just ignore this post, but in this part of the world, almost everywhere we buy fresh produce only sells perfect looking produce.

I wonder what would happen to prices if they just left out one of the criteria for A grade produce.

For example, size.

The size of a fruit is by far the least relevant thing.

The tomatoes harvested were all ripe, all delicious, and all different sizes.

So why would the four on the right be classed as second grade.

It's because...

We are all crazy.

120 Things in 20 years - Where thinking and forming opinions about everyone regarding fresh produce, is often presented as fact.


  1. Dangit, you finally get around to asking a question I am actually qualified to answer, and then you go and make it rhetorical. Hummph.

    (YES. The answer is yes.)


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