Aquaponics - Silver Perch update

I recently ran out of fish feed, so I've been hand feeding them worms, and what ever they call fly larvae in whatever part of the world you live.  They are called "gents" here when bought as bait, or stored in a fridge shared with people who don't want maggots in their fridge. "Maggots" when found in smelly stuff.

The point is, as a result of feeding them live food like worms, gents, and caterpillars, they are venturing a bit further up the water column to the point where they are now easy to photograph.

This guy is pretty big.

And heavy looking.

It looks like this up close.

I have no idea how big or how heavy it is, but I'll try to get a photo next to a ruler.

I wont try to weigh it because I cant think of a way to do it without stressing it.

I'll weigh it if I ever eat it.

120 Things in 20 years - Sometimes your aquaponics silver perch get quite big when you're not looking.

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