Electronics - Breadboard multimeter adapter

For some time now I've been looking for a convenient way to probe around my breadboard with my multimeter. It can be a little tricky, because the probes are too thick to get into the little holes on the breadboard.

I had a bit of an idea today.

I came up with this...

It's a stereo headphone jack with a long length of header pin (sturdy wire used as a plug) soldered to the legs.

I added some insulation in the form of heatshrink, and...


The 120 Things in 20 years multimeter breadboard adapter.

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  1. Or you could the little spring-clamp hook tips that are meant to clip around tiny wires on breadboards that you want to test. ;) They're nice because they clip on instead of having to be held, or you can clip them onto a bit of wire and stick them in a breadboard hole.

    Some of them snap on to the existing probe tips, or you can get a different set of leads that has them instead of probes.


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