Thinking - God(s)

I'd like to ask everyone to petition their deities for a cessation of bad stuff effective immediately.

120 Things in 20 years, Bahhhgh!


  1. I've been fervently petitioning for that very thing all week, having been left to handle all the psychiatric consults in the whole hospital alone while my coworkers all went on vacation and/or got themselves injured in car accidents, and the entire remaining population of the region has simultaneously all decided either to try to kill themselves or become manic or psychotic.

    Judging from the results so far, I don't think anyone up there is taking requests right now. :(

  2. End results of my petition: on my 6th day of working 12 hour shifts, my husband ended up in my hospital with acute appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery.

    I hope yours worked out better!


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