Aquaponics - Only very slightly kooky carrot

I was expecting a lot more interesting looking carrots, because I was led to believe they would all resemble Elvis/whatever you normally focus on, in a crazy attempt to grow toward the nutrient.

But I've nearly harvested all my carrots, and this is as kooky as I've had.

Not so kooky.

They also taste great and are super crunchy.

I cant help feeling that if I spent the last couple of months in wet gravel, I might not maintain quite so much crunch.

Really, really crunchy.

This one is getting on a bit, and it's probably the case that it was always this carrots intention to grow this way, at this time, no matter what it was standing in for the last few months.

I think I can safely say that in my system carrots grow just fine.

When asked in a recent interview why some people have a difficult time growing carrots, and other have no problems, 120 Things in 20 years replied  "Who knows? Carrots keep their own council."

It was a short, imaginary interview.

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  1. FYI - This was grown in a constant flood grow bed. ie always submerged up to around 5cm from the top of the media (expanded clay balls)

    But my nutrient levels are very low as I have only 2 fish and it's winter, and silver perch are not very active feeders in winter.


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