Aquaponics - Two year old silver perch

Trying to measure a fish without disturbing it turns out to be a very tricky thing.

Eventual I managed by taking some video and then grabbing a single frame from it to turn into a happy snap.

Even then it's difficult to make out.

I think it's around 275mm long.

That's it's tail extending back a little behind the ruler.

They are roughly two years old, and I'm guessing it would weigh around 350 g.

It's not a lot, but still not bad considering how often they went without food during all the problems I had with poisoning them etc.

I suspect I could have seen double that weight if I had fed them as much as they wanted all the time. So I think it's time I got the demand fish feeder working. There hasn't been much point over winter as they don't do a lot of eating, but spring is in the air, and I want to get some more fish. It's also about time I did something about completing the fish feeder project.

I seem to be half doing way too much stuff of late.

120 Things in 20 years - If an aquaponics task is worth doing, and to get to the end of a task you must pass through the middle, then it must be worth half doing.

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