Aquaponics - Ripping up perfectly good things to make room for other things

I'm not sure if it's good growing practice to nurture plants until they start feeding you, then suddenly rip them out of the ground to make room for strawberries.

But I did it anyway.

I seem to remember doing this kind of thing before.

It seems my garden beds need to be a lot bigger.

My celery plants were actually doing quite well, and we had started harvesting stalks as we needed them.

These are from the original celery stubs that were left over from store bought bundles from the supermarket a year or two ago. 

I planted the empty, used up white base and they grew again and again. When they looked like there were trying to go to seed, I just cut it all back, and left it to grow again, but the second time around there was an established root system, so they grew much better.

But I've decided that I need the real estate for strawberries, so it all had to come up, as did the basil, and the silver beat (or perhaps it's spinach).

I have a lot of strawberry plants.

Someone was giving them away, and I couldn't resist. Thanks nice man who's name I don't even know.

Thanks universe.

I find myself with sixty strawberry plants, planted in dirt (and rubbish and rubble) along the side of my house, I think fifty or sixty will get crowded into a single blue barrel in the grow house, and another fifty or so might just live out their life in a shopping bag on my kitchen floor covered in weeds.

I'm still sick and it's raining, so I think I might just throw them behind the shed and come back in a year and see what happened.

120 Things in 20 years - Sees making room for new plants makes more sense than waiting a few weeks and harvesting the existing plants.

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