Aquaponics - New strawberry plants

They don't look like much after spending the week in a shopping bag on my kitchen floor, but fifty or so of the new strawberry plants have been crowded into a single grow bed.

Lucky for them (and us) they are at least in the strawberry equivalent of incentive care. If there is one place they might get over their rough treatment, it's an aquaponics system.

They look a bit like this at the moment, and I've just noticed that a few of them are sporting fruit.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, and I'm also not sure when they are meant to fruit.

One of the problems with found stuff, is that you never know it's history.

Any way, aside form their leaves not really knowing which way is up, they look like they might be ok.

They are way too crowded where they are (I think) so I'm going to have to create something a bit better.

But that's going to have to wait until I don't feel quite as ill as I do at the moment.

120 Things in 20 years see's me needing the vitamin C from my new strawberry plant's fruit, before I can gather the energy to start building a decent home for them to grow in.


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