Aquaponics - Fog

So it turns out I was sicker than I thought, but not as sick as I could have been.

Which is nice.

I went to my doctor, and she tested how well I could exhale.

Turns out I'm really good at exhaling.

But they thought they would give me a stack of drugs to make me even better at it.

They only managed 15% better because I'm so good at it already, but the breathing in thing became  much better. They seemed a little disappointed in my 15% new extra amazing ability to breath out.

They didn't seem anywhere near as excited about the breathing in bit as I was.

Doctors can be funny like that.

Anyway, thanks modern medicine.

It turns out if you have a chest infection, mentioning it in a blog is no longer enough to actually cure it. 

Who knew?

So, nothing unusual there, but stay with me as there is an interesting bit to come.

They put some liquids into one of these. I think they called it a nubuliserIf they didn't, that would be a pretty good name for it. 

Its a mask thinggy. with an air hose entering from the bottom right of frame.

The liquid went in just above the aqua* coloured disk connected to the other aqua bit.

That's all well and good so far, but here's the interesting bit.

Adding only air they managed to make fog.

Now, I love fog as much as the next guy, so being able to make it made me pretty happy, even if it wasn't really me that made it, although I did have control of a small green switch, so I'm taking credit for it.


Having taken home the thing, I now have the ability to make fog at will.

Fog might mean very small air bubbles, or any number of interesting and powerful technologies.

Personally I'm hoping for small bubbles.

Small bubbles mean a really large surface area. A really large surface area might mean excellent oxygen uptake in a fish tank.

Or something else.

I just love a mystery.

120 Things in 20 years is still in an aquaponics fog for the time being, but is on the mend.

*I've never used "aqua" in a sentence before, and I've been able to speak for ages. I just thought you should know. 


  1. A fogger for folier sprays to give your plants a boost!

    Molasses is good, as is soda (the kind with phosphoric acid), apple cider vinegar, and a bunch of other stuff too. They all give different little boosts to the plants you [strike]spray[/strike] fog.

  2. You may NOT stick your nebulizer in the tank before you are well and fully cured. There are a million different microscopic nasties living in there that would have all kinds of fun in your lungs. Your lungs are like an aquaponic grow bed for bacteria. As it sounds like you've already discovered.

    You also may not attempt to nebulize molasses, phosphoric acid, or vinegar until there's no longer any need for nebulizing drug-laced saline.


    Then destroy your nebulizer if you must. But only then. We still have too much to learn.

    (BossyNurseBlogFan has spoken.)

    [tangent]I had a psychotic patient once who, when I asked if he had any respiratory issues, said, in a very puzzled voice, "Yeah. I keep having to breathe." Once just isn't enough. You have to do it again and again. Go figure.[/tangent]

  3. Thanks bossy nurse :)

    The thing was a disposable thing that they let me take home. Just the mask and the bit where they put the get well juice. They air pump thing they wouldn't let me have.

    Who would deny ME a piece of hospital equipment???

    I'm not actually using it any more. It was just for a test in the hospital to see if they could make me breath out even better than I already could.

  4. Well, in that case, you are allowed to experiment with what you got. :) I think the part that does the magic is the diffuser, which is the thing where the get well juice goes in. The rest is just a pump. I don't know the specs, but I wouldn't think it would be any more powerful than what you're using in your tanks. In the hospital they just hook them up to the oxygen spigot. (Yeah, it's probably not called a spigot. I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.)

    Hospital equipment is cool. If you can find when they sell off old stuff they don't need any more, you can get some really awesome junk. For a while I had an old infant incubator that was the size of a large piece of furniture and weighed six times as much, but made a great place for isolating sick critters (of human infant size or less) and keeping them warm, or hatching duck eggs my eccentric neighbor found abandoned in the park. Sadly, it didn't survive one of our many moves. I miss it.

  5. I've had some coffee.

    It's a diffuser. I think that implies breaking things up into very small particles. So if you put liquid in it, you get very small droplets. But if you held it under water, wouldn't that mean you'd get very small pieces of air?

    So, yeah -- tiny bubbles!!!

    I hope you think of something really cool to do with it, because I'm pretty sure there are a couple of them out in my garage somewhere. (My youngest son also had trouble breathing in at times. Like you, he wasn't so bad at breathing out. Fortunately, he got over it!)


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