Bread - Sourdough

So I thought I'd make some sourdough bread.

I looked some stuff up.

I discovered it had some lactobacillus in it.

That's what makes it sour.

I remembered from some earlier research, that that's the beastie that makes cheese, cheese.

Now normally you make sourdough by making a slurry of flour and water and waiting, then once it's been inoculated, you take half the slurry, and add it to your flour, and then re-feed the slurry with replacement flour and water. This way, you always have some alive and festering in the back of your fridge. That's called a sour dough starter.

There are apparently different kinds of beastie in different parts of the world, and thus, the traditional sourdoughs are different. even from village to village.

People and their marriages and social minglings are recorded in those peoples sourdough starters that fester in the backs of their fridges.

So because I dont know anyone with sourdough festering in the back of their fridge, but remembered I had some old cheese starter in the back of my own freezer, I thought I might try a shortcut.

I put some milk in a container with a little sugar and a little flour, then added a pinch of the cheese starter.

It's now halfway through it's first rising.

It looked really, really interesting when it was just a liquid.

120 Things in 20 years - Sourdough bread. My camera is stupid.

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