Bread - Sour dough with cheese starter success

My fake sour dough made with cheese starter actually worked.

I doubt it ever would have risen without the packet yeast, but the flavour was interesting.

It was also interesting that the texture of the dough was so different. I have no idea if it was because it was made with curds and whey, or if that's that's just a feature of something else I did that I have no idea about.

Many things baffle me.

But the loaf worked and tasted great.

Due to my temperamental camera (It's either not focusing properly, or missing altogether lately) I managed to completely fail to get pictures, but heres a "just in time" effort of the loaf.

I don't know why it was eaten from both ends like that. Perhaps someone found the crust particularly worthwhile, but at least I got a pic of the last slice.

120 Things in 20 years finds me in bed with a really bad cold, rather than dealing with my sour dough bread made with cheese starter successes.

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