Aquaponics - Cucumbers!


I've been trying to grow cucumbers! for the entire time I've been involved with aquaponics, but have had a miserable time of it. I kept getting tiny cucumbers! that had failed to pollinate properly, and would shrivel up and die after they reached two centimetres in length.

But I just noticed this.

It's a cucumber!

Actually it's a stack of cucumbers!

I've been hand pollinating them with a cotton  bud. Q-tip? Whatever they call cotton on a stick in your part of the world.

It has worked.

That green thing on the one in focus is caterpillar poop.

120 Things in 20 years - Cucumbers!


  1. You could have made cornichons. Have you endeavoured into pickling yet?


  2. No, what you see there is pretty much all of it. I think I have 5 now that have grown past the size that means they have been pollinated, but they are all still very small.


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