Wind energy - Another drive in the country

Always willing to bring yet more wind energy information to the world, I once again made the sacrifice of going for a drive in the country. Last time I went North, this time, South.

In fact this time I drove down to Glenelg River in Victoria, just East of the South Australian border, just north of the wet stuff at the bottom of Australia that keeps us from walking to the south pole. This trip was only a little over a thousand kilometres. I spent a couple of days there to look at stuff.

I saw a stack of these.

Some, mixed in with these.

And I even saw one of whatever this is.

This thing was actually kind of interesting. I might have to make one out of drinking straws or something. It's most interesting aspect was that it worked like two different styles of wind turbine depending on which way the wind was blowing.

Or not. I'm not sure. But if it didn't work like I think it does, then I've just had an idea.

I just walked in the door.


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