Wind energy - Furling model turbine

Even more than usual, I'm pleased with myself.

I made a model to show myself how clever that furling system I described in a previous post really is, so I'll share some video. The video looks a little boring, but that's just as it should be. The entire point of furling is to make everything less exciting. Exciting tends to lean toward total destruction, and boring, toward surviving storms. (This furling method isn't my idea or anything. In fact, the more I study, the more I doubt I'll be able to contribute anything new to this field.)

The point I attempt to illustrate here is that regardless of wind speed, the blades don't spin out of control.

Adjustment is made to the mechanism by adding weights to the tail, but I added weights all over the place in an attempt to stop my poorly balanced blades from shaking themselves to bits.

It's difficult to capture the way this thing works, but it does. Even with the tail bending, and the entire contraption wobbling all over the shop. I hope this makes this genius method of furling a bit clearer, or at least proves that it works.

I'll talk about how I built this next, but I just had to post the fact that it worked first.

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