Mold making - My first casting

Casting is the process of sticking stuff in a mold and creating a copy of the thing the mold was originally made from.

I'll be using hot glue from a hot glue gun.

I spread a thin layer of soap over the mold to allow the mold to release. Using glue in something you hold pressed together for a while is perhaps a dodgy plan, but hopefully the soap will prevent it's sticking.

I filled both halves of the mold with glue, then pressed them together.

There was a bit much glue, and nowhere for it to go so the glue overflowed between the two halves of the mold.

In future it might be worth drilling a small hole to let out excess glue.

Other than that, it seems to have worked.

The excess was easy enough to trim with scissors.

Leaving a pretty good copy of the original.

Pictured is the copy after it had been heated with a flame to smooth it out a bit.

There were a few lessons learnt here.

a. If there is nowhere for the glue to escape, it attempts an escape between the molds.

b. If you try to mold hot glue in cold molds, it tends to set a bit too quickly mefore you can press the molds together properly.

c. a, and b above mean the copy can be taller than the original as the molds didn't press together completely and there was a gap. The resulting copy was taller than the original by the thickness of the overflow that had to be trimmed with scissors.

All in all a successful experiment.

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