Aquaponics - Another base for my new grow bed

I think I have finally settled on a base for my grow bed.

And I cut the hole for the puddle flange to the correct size.

I also cleaned it up so I can silicone it. Yes, in my world, that qualifies as clean.

It was necessary to cut away a bit of the wooden pallet underneath as well. This should now allow a clear path for drainage pipes to the sump.

I ended up settling on three wooden forklift pallets, and some bricks to add a bit of extra width. My main concern was to make it strong enough to take the weight of all the gravel, and all that water.

Additionally I needed to make it sturdy enough that if someone taps it with a car or something, it might still be standing the next day. I think my design provides this.

I hope my design provides this.


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