Aquaponics - New growbed stand

Trying to level something that's going to weigh three or four thousand kilograms turns out to be worth getting right the first time.

I started making some kind of base for my new grow bed, but have suddenly become overwhelmed at just how much this thing is going to weigh. Trying to shovel three tones of gravel out of a gigantic bucket would be a tough task, and one that I'd rather no have to do.

The plan is to use at least three forklift pallets. I'll rest them on some bricks to both raise the overall height, and by using different sized bricks, help level the site.

If all goes well, before I add the gravel I'll brace the walls with some cable.

There are two pairs of holes a third of the way from the ends of the grow beds. I presume they were made for creating some kind of brace.

My plan is to thread some stainless steel cable through each pair of holes, and attach the ends to a wooden brace to spread the load, and stop the cables cutting through the grow bed.

Plans have a habit of changing around here.

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