Handmade fishing lures - Single arc PVC and hot glue lure

I made another experimental lure yesterday. This time out of an arc cut from an 8 inch PVC pipe. I cut a section and ground it into the shape of a coffin lid. Then added some hot glue to the underside to give it a rudder. It was easily the quickest lure I'v made, taking only around 10 minutes from the time I thought of it to the time it was finished, and it shows. I added some red nail polish and some black marker lines to add some flash.

It looked like this.

From the side, you can see it still has that basic wing shape, but the bib is on the side rather than the front. There are a few lures on the market that employ this design, but I wanted to see how quickly I could make a cheap lure from scratch.

I added some split shot weights where the hooks would go and took it for a swim to see how it would perform. It did have a swimming action, but it was a lazy loping sort of thing that looked a little bored.

I think with a little design work and some testing time, it could end up being a good method of making quick and cheap lures. As with most things that can be made quickly, trial and error would soon arrive at a decent design.

But I'm not sure I care enough about this design to take it much further. I want to make something that looks great. I want people to gaze with wonder, and wonder "What master craftsman made such lures as those?" that will one day fill my tackle box. In short, I want someone to look at my lures and have lure envy, not a look of pity in their eyes.

I want someone to look at my lures and say "Wow!" not "Maybe!"

I'm going to have to make my lures look better, and while I'm at it I think they should swim better as well.

What I need is an idea.

Luckily, I have one.

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