Handmade fishing lures - More lure designs

This post is a follow up to the "handmade fishing lures how to get most out of your printer" post describing my way to colour hand made fishing lures. It might not make much sense if you read it out of context.

I thought I'd post up a few more lure designs I've made In case anyone finds them useful.

This is an example of using a filter that puts a layer of tiles over your design to simulate scales. In this case hexagonal shaped.

 This one having the stripes that make it easier to get a repeating design through the length of the lure, as mentioned in the previous post.

This one with the straight line down its back allows you to cut it anywhere but doesn't make for a very striking finished lure.

Spots work well and look good on the finished lure.

And this design makes good use of the background paper. It allows you to print it onto different coloured paper to make different lures without having to redesign the lure.

This one works well when its printed on shiny photo paper.

One downside to photo paper is it's thickness when gluing. I found that it was possible to peel the top, shiny, layer of the photo paper off its backing without too much difficulty. This allowed for a much thinner paper to glue onto your lure blank.


  1. HI,
    Nice color combination.. Really like it.. Thanks for sharing..
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    1. You are most welcome. Sorry for taking 3 years to reply :)

  2. why not just paint the lure ?

    1. I do that as well.

      I also leave some without paint or any waterproofing at all. This way they start as floaters and then end up as sinkers an hour later. I realise the bib has a lot to do with their depth, but at rest they will either sink or float based on how waterlogged they are.


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