Aquaponics - Strawberry propagation

I found a new way to propagate strawberries. Or at least it's new to me. The secret is to have the seeds sprout while it's still on the fruit.

Although I would have liked to leave it alone to see if they would all grow by themselves, the fruit is almost rotten so I thought it would be better to pick it and plant them all.

It came from a dirt garden so there was a lot of risk of it being eaten by things before they had a chance to grow.

I planted it into my aquaponics system.

From what I could see, all the seeds had sprouted.

I have no idea what conditions were required to make it happen or if they will actually end up growing, but the original plant was a modern lab created thing that didn't produce runners. Or almost didn't. From around 60 plants I think I've seen two runners in two years.

120ThingsIn20Years thinks the world is odd.


  1. It turns out this is a relatively common thing within the universe (that we know of) but not so common within the strawberry world.

    It even has a name.

    Apparently it goes by the name, "Vivipary"

    I still think the world is odd

    1. A new concept and a new word for me. Thanks.

    2. I just had a look at the sections I put in potting mix, and most look like they wont make it.

      There are perhaps 7 or 8 that are still going strong. It will be interesting to see if they actually grow.

  2. Hmm, Vivipary...."live birth"....much better than not live birth. You put the strawberries into the the grow beds? I had to remove mine because they didn't like the salt (1.5ppt).
    I will check my strawberries more closely in future, but it's very rare for them to survive much past ripeness.

    1. I have no salt in my system at the moment, but as I understand it, strawberries are the first to go when you salt a system.

      All my mature strawberry plants are well past their prime and were all put into dirt in the hope that the might create some runners one day. Only one plant has done so, but this crazy sprouting thing might mean I can get some more free plants.

  3. There is a book Called The After Dinner Gardening Book that I also enjoyed for mishaps, etc.


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