Due to the overwhelming existence of the spamming minority, comments will now need to be approved before they get published.

Sorry for any delays to those of you who are real people.

I hate to sensor, and as per my usual policy, anyone who wants to leave an ad or link may do so, but if you do so more than once or twice (or at least more than once off topic), I wont let them through.

Unfortunately I'll just have to decide on the day.

I hate having to do it, but the last few days have been keeping me busy all day deleting spam.

Please dont let it put you off posting a link to your blog or business if it's on topic and might be useful to someone reading, but everything is moderated now, so by default you are spam, so dont waste your time if you are a bot.

Sorry normal people, but if you are real, It will be posted when I get around to dealing with it.

I'm getting hundreds of spam posts per day at the moment, and they all just get pushed into a new mailbox from this point on until I get around to sorting them.

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