Thinking - Post war blues and forgiveness as a profitable virtue

Forgive and forget, or perish.

That's it really.

Everything else I write will be just rehashing that first line.

And maybe a bit about Trump.

In spite of being a white, middle class, 50 year old man... which is pretty much the ideal as far as the way the world is set up to favour, I'm not a huge fan of the way the western world behaves for much of the time.


The one thing we do really, really, really well as a culture is just move on.

See World War Two for an example for most of us.

By the time the 60s rolled on we were trading with the Germans and Japanese as if nothing had happened.


I know people who's grandmothers are still holding a grudge because someone from the country next door back in Europe gave their grandmother's grandmother a hard time, and tried to kill them a lot.

Well... killing people is a shit (sorry to the school I know that reads this blog, but sometimes teachers need to explain words) of a thing to do.

"Dont kill people!" is one of my favorite rules to live by.

But really???

That was 130 years ago*.

Stop it!

I don't care who you are, if you remember something that didn't happen to you, you will suffer from it until the day you die.

Read that last line again, it's really important.

Unless you are really old, and have a direct connection with whatever bad thing happened, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Move on.

If it wasnt you beaten within inches of your life and abandoned in the jungle, then it also wasn't the twenty two year old waitress in your local restaurant that didn't do it to you.

The problem with the world is people holding grudges.

Never hold a grudge for longer than you live.

That's my advice to live by...

Never hold a grudge for longer than you live.

A week or two is probably ok, but if you cant do that, at the very least don't take on dead people's grudges.

The problem with the world is people holding grudges.

And maybe Trump.

Grudges, and Donald.

North America, if you trust Trump to hold the launch codes to a shipload of nukes, then so be it, I'm all for democracy, but please, please, please don't let it happen because you didn't show up on the day to vote.

Please vote.

Please vote.

Vote for Trump or not, but please ....

apathy and grudges will mess up a world as fast as...


pretty fast

 120ThingsIn20Years thinks that *Numbers may not reflect reality

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