Thinking - Roots... and that

Sometimes you think it might be nice to chat with the CEO of a multinational company and tell them some stuff about what's going on within their company, but you think it will be a pointless exercise.

But sometimes, when you spend the few hours tracking them down via their old bookface accounts or whatever, then take a punt on the most likely email account they might own within their company network, they turn out to be way interesting.

I just had a very (way) interesting encounter with a young upstart/startup that might prove to be something I can work with on an ongoing basis.

You never can tell from where (whence?) the next opportunity might come.

That last line is probably worth reading again no matter who you are. Unless the grammar is all messed up. Then it's probably only worth reading the once.

But it's definitely worth reading the once.

120 Things in 20 years thinks that stuff is probably worth reading at least once.

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