Competition winner!

So according to Mrs 120 things in 20 years (also known as Mrs Bullwinkle, and also by her actual name in non-digital real life, the winner of the amazing solar charge controller competition - based (apparently) entirely on effort rather than anything else is ....

brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb boom tish!

Mike Creuzer who suggested I hold a comp to get new ideas to learn or something.

To be honest I lost track a little :)

I don't really like prescription opiates, or competitions, and it turns out I hate hosting them.

Some ideas I've had are better than others. 

But I do like winning them, so if Mike is anything like me, he will like the fact that Mrs Bullwinkle thought his thoughtful thoughts were...


So congratulations Mike you seem to be the winner. I hope you put it to good use, or perhaps even better, I hope you hold a similar competition on your own blog and pass it on to someone else :) (not really - use it).

Please keep in mind I was conned when I bought it as it doesnt do the claimed 24v solar to 12v battery, so there is a slim to fare chance that it's filled with nothing but exported industrial waste rather than MPPT circuitry. 

Winner beware!

Pass the final test - guess my email address and send me your postal address and I'll send you your awesome prize. 

Why did Mrs 120 Things In 20 Years have to pick the post distant entry from the other side of the world instead of the guy I would have picked in my home town with the "most unfinished projects" entry, or my friend that suggested the cheese eating comp? I could have just handed it to either of them.

At least it will finally find a good home.

120 Things In 20 Years Congratulates it's most recent prize winner. Most of the rest of you are insane!


  1. I see I won. I shall give your email address a guess. Expect to hear from me in a few minutes. Or not. I shall try cheating at guessing, as I may have it somewhere. Or not.

    I've never won something from so far away.

    I do have a use for it. I have solar panels, and a battery, but a lousy charge controller. It seems to dislike batteries, hence my having a battery, and not a couple. I have the one I haven't wired it to.

    1. I've never been called winsome before, or my thoughts.

  2. Opps!

    I still haven't sent your prize.

    Lucky for me there are no emotions within these comments for me to choose from or you'd see just how embarrassed I am.

    In truth, I cant physically get to it at the moment. as in a room that is full to the door. Really, completely full.

    You should never have said you were in no hurry until the snows melt :)



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