Thinking - 懐かしい


Now there's a word we need an English equivalent to.

Why is my native language so incomplete? 

I want my money back!

120 Things in 20 years is slightly disappointed!


  1. Dear 120 how is 懐かしい pronounced. Cleo Window is asking.

  2. I'm sorry i have no idea. I jst spent half an hour or so trying to find where I found it. I think it was witin he series on youtube

    The defitoin descrbed was in some way more romantic than the one I see here...

    That included a loot more feeling.

    When I'm researching stuff, I browse on a browser that doesn't keep a history of my browsing (just firefox but without keeping cookies or history) That way I see the internet without google pointing me to stuff I'm already interested in. It's not quite as efficient when you are looking for something, but you get exposed to more random stuff.

    You need random for innovation.

    But I'll see what I can find.

    1. ok i looks like this will work... if you go to google translate and add...


      into the left hand side and select detect language, then select Japanese as the desired language to translate to on the right, it shows a speaker icon that wen pressed will say the word for you...

      Very cool.

      Sorry, my el-cheapo wirels keyboard doesny sctually ype what I ask it to < that's without any corrections, but with no typng eors.
      It works fine if you tpe with one finger. (nearly)


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