Epic adventurer - Customs

I just received the ten pieces of paper I need to get my solar panels through customs.

Actually it was only nine, but I'm trying to make a point here.

What's with all this paper?

Why am I even involved with the process?

If someone has to send something to someone, and then they have to present that to someone else, just make it so the someone else can get it from the someone!

And make it all online.

And call it...like... "something something international import export clearing house"

120 things in 20 years thinks this might be why some people don't become major players in import export. I also think I might be wrong. But seriously, what do you do if you are a major international import export business, and don't happen to own a printer? Then what? Is my lack of printer ownership hindering my ability to be seen on the S&P 500? The world has gone totally crazy.


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  2. I decided to delete ALL your ads because you filled my mailbox with spam. This is the first time I've ever deleted ALL of someone's ads.

    I feel dirty.


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