Auqaponics - Baby spinach

Normal people buy seedlings from plant stores.

Normal people type on normal keyboards.

i'm typng this on tisflexible waterproofkeyborthat my mumbughtfor me for my boatt trip becausei spilt scotch ndcoke nto my old keyboard.

t's ok .

tat'th best cnsay for it.

From this oinon I'll do some proof reaing,nd tryto edit it so it's actually readable.

I bought some baby spinach from my local supermarket today, and thought I'd plant it out rather than just eat it.

It looked a little sad so it only cost a few cents.

But There was a decent root mass so I thought it might be viable.

I trimmed all the sick looking leaves and think I now have some baby spinach plants.

I'll post  an update in a few days after cutting off all the leaves that will inevitably die, but I  think the plants will survive.

10htings in20 years reallyneeds tobuya new keyboard

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