Photography - Maybe bee

I was playing around with my new, home made macro lens, and found this interesting little dead thing to act as a model.

I thinks it's maybe a bee.

Or a wasp.

Or an ant.

I think it's a bee.

If it's a bee, it's probably a native Australian bee. Perhaps a Megachile or "Resin bee".

Or a wasp.

Either way, this is what you find if you mentally mark out a square foot of ground on my lawn, and search it as if it were a crime scene.

A very interesting looking little critter.

It's perhaps 5mm long.

The background is a dark woollen glove

Dark subject against a dark background.

Still learning.

120 Things in 20 years wonders how it's going to get a bee to wink in a planned portrait when bees don't have eyelids.

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