Winner! - Attempt

I totally didn't win a 3D printer!

Sad face.

I really wanted to win a 3D printer.

But I guess everyone else did as well.

Oh well.

I actually voted for someone else.

Perhaps that was the problem.

This really cool barometer entry featured a glass jar with a balloon glued over the top, and a stick glued on top of that so that, when you place the device next to a wall, the stick would move up or down depending on the air pressure of the day.

Very cool.

Very minimalist.

Anyway, I'll just use my 2D printer, but I'll print a lot of copies so I gain some depth.

Or figure out a different way to win a 3D printer.

Or maybe just become a patissier.

Either way, it's all good.

Perhaps I should have posted a link to vote for my entry or something.

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