Thinking - Lathes

A device like a lathe seems like a pretty indispensable thing to own if you want to make a lathe.

All those perfect shafts and bearings.

That bothers me a bit.

In a nice way.



  1. Lathes are the only tool that are capable of making themselves.

    My 3d printer can't even claim that, it can just make a lot of the parts for itself.

  2. I want a 3D printer so bad! :)

    I've entered a competition for one and managed to get my post "featured" on the front page of the competition yesterday, and today I got an email saying it was "featured" on the front page of the entire site.

    I have to admit I'm getting a little excited.

    So sucked in.

    For all I know everyone gets "featured" :)

  3. What site?

    My offer to print the plastic bits for you still stands. I've got a set printing right now for myself.

    I just ordered the electronics for my 2nd printer for $100, and a complete extruder kit for $175. Probably $150 for the mechanical parts (They where given to me, so I don't have a good price on them yet).

    Can't do it for $400 yet it looks like, but the prices are coming down.

  4. Instructables Up 3D printer competition.

    I was "featured on the competition's front page, then featured on the instuctables front page, and then they gave me a 3 month account for their pro service.

    I'm in the first four of their featured posts, so there's a chance. There are ten "Up Plus" 3D printers in the competition, so...


    Every time I hear my phone make the "bing" sound telling me I have a new email I get all excited. :)


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