Aquaponics - PVC Tube tomatoes

My PVC tube tomato now seems to be growing at full speed.

There's stacks of new growth every day, and the first of the tomato flowers are just starting to form.

That should really read "the first of the tomato flowers since I cut all the existing flowers and leaves off, so that I could jam it into a PVC tube, are just starting to form".

The entire point of the exercise was to get the tomatoes outside where it could grow as big as it wanted without taking up all the space inside, but it looks like the entire system is about to be outside.

The grow house isn't UV stable, and as a result is turning to dust every time I so much as look at it.

Even a sly sideways glance from a distance sees yet more daylight induced destruction.

The hardware chain I bought it from will probably replace it, but this is my third one from them and I'm starting to wonder if they really care about the percentage of my life I spend dealing with a product that really shouldn't give any problems.

Any % of life spent at a returns counter, is too much %.

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