Aquaponics - Perfectly good carrot

I tend to avoid eating things that are supposed to be orange, but that are green.

Oranges are an excellent example of why such a policy is a wise one.

But here is what 100% of reader feedback inspired me to do...

I thought I'd cut open the carrot I grew in water and see what it looked like on the inside.

It looked like a normal carrot.

So I ate it.

And I didn't die.

Now the carrot in question looks like this.

And it tasted exactly like all the other carrots I've harvested.

Sweet, and delicious.

I suspect the totally normal shaped carrot was because my nutrient levels are so low. I'm running 300 litres or growbed and a thousand litres of fish tank (plus an extra 50 litres or so in the duckweed tank, and another 50 litres of sump) The result is (in my uninformed opinion) the carrot fell back on it's normal modus operandi for growth rather than branching out (Elvis shaped) to take advantage of nutrient that may have been there if I kept more fish.

Not much nutrient = reach down low in search for more.

Lots of nutrient = branch out all over the shop and get a good price on E-Bay for currently popular diety/elvis look-alikes

I plan on writing more posts, so in the event that 120 Things in 20 years stops suddenly, it's almost certainly the deadly result of Mike Creuzer's advise on the consumption of the perfectly good carrot that I ate from my aquaponics system.


  1. I never suggested to actually EAT the food that you grew to not eat... I merely mentioned that the green color could be removed!

    I have a nagging suspicion that green potatoes are not to be trifled with. So lets not extrapolate the un-prompted experimentation into the nightshade family, mkay?

    Just wait until tonight... Maybe you can see better. Although, if you had ate the green bits, would that have given you that really awesome green night vision?

  2. What suggestion?

    I took it as an outright dare :)

  3. I think green carrots are carrots that got sun. Not nice to eat but safe.

    Do not quite me on this though.

    1. Yeah I think that's why mine was green. I think it was one that I grew completely in water suspended from a string.

  4. Haha! this is a great blog, thanks :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Beca Beeby! I haven't been writing much of late because of some health issues, but I hope to get back to it when I get off some of this medication that makes my brain go limp.


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