Aquaponics - Fried tomato root

When I roast onion I always cut them into quarters, and leave the root on.

Partly to hold them together, but also because when the onion root gets crunchy it tastes great.

Unless someone points to their toxicity or something, I'm going to try some other fried roots from my system.

Tomato root springs to mind immediately at it has a very pleasant aroma.

In a dirt garden, you might never see the extent of the root system when you pull up a plant.

Growing carrots in water only has got my seeing, and thinking about the root systems of plants as a potential delicacy.

I hope I don't die!

[note from the future - it turns out tomato are part of the night shade family, and are toxic, so I wont be going through with any tomato root frying]

120 things in 20 years - If its worth growing, it's worth frying. [or not]


  1. Really dude, don't mess with them nightshades!

  2. Yeah that seems to be what everyone is saying.

    Some ideas are simply bad ones.


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