Thinking - Personal theme Muzak, and the future of Humanity

In the future...

I like things that start with the words "In the future"...

In the future, people will carry, and secrete*, a personal soundtrack in much the same way that many people currently carry an artificial scent, making them either less stinky, more interestingly stinky, or sometimes just plain stinky.

My soundtrack will be the incessant tapping I do waiting for things from the Net to load. It's become such a part of my expression of "self", that I find myself doing it when in the company of anyone doing anything too slowly for my liking.

A canned version would help me notice just how impatient and irritating I've become.

Other options for different personality disorders might be...

  • Nature, bird noises etc.
  • Kittens purring 
  • Dolphins making that sound I've never heard in all my time hanging out with dolphins
  • The sound of Aquarius rising
  • The girl from Ipanema (will inevitably be overused)
  • A dripping tap, for people who feel they are not quite, or nowhere near irritating enough as they are.
  • The romantic sounds of toenail clipping
  • Death metal, for what ever reason death metal exists
  • Road construction sounds, for people who think progress includes jack hammers, and the "TkerghhT"sound the talk switch makes on a two-way radio.
  • Snoring, for people who are oddly reassured that their partners are still breathing
  • Enya, because you can pretty much cut it anywhere and loop it back to the beginning and it will still make something like music, and people will generally be even more lazy in the future.
  • Various tributes to Star Trek (still)
  • That sound small dogs make that's a bit like an Ewok** when they're pretending to be giant predators gnawing on dinosaur/human bones after their planned uprising where they eat their overlords and gain access to the magic white box where all the cold food is kept..
  • Some kind of music that you feel a connection with.
  • Some kind of sound, or sounds that you feel express your personality, or feel a connection with.

Generally speaking, my prediction for the future is that it will be slightly more irritating, a tad naff, but generally a pretty interesting place to live.

I advocate continued existence, full participation, and secretly love the sound of someone else typing when I'm trying to get to sleep.


  1. (of a cell, gland, or organ) Produce and discharge (a substance). <===This one
  2. Conceal; hide: "the assets had been secreted in Swiss bank accounts".<===Not this one
conceal - hide - excrete - mask

**See Popular Culture

120 Things in 20 years, where I figure - If I go out on enough predictive limbs without thinking, and about thinking, one of them is bound to pay off, and grant great glory - unless my predictions are about personal theme Muzak, and the future of Humanity.

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