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My too hard baskets brimeth over yet again.

I need to focus.

I have a stack of unfinished aquaponics things to do, and a stack of unfinished electronics projects spread all over the place.

Struggling with all the thinking aside, I just don't have enough minutes in a day.

Since my brush with being slightly unwell, I find there are exactly too few minutes in the day by 90.

To this end I've decided to simply stay awake for an extra 90 minutes each day.

I'll still sleep the same amount at the end of each "day", and I bet it wont make any difference to anything except the people I spontaneously call upon at "midday" two weeks from today.

I now officially work on a 25:30:00 clock.

I need to make a phone call to a very skilled guy from Switzerland.

I'm going to need a new watch.

Not enough minutes in the day? Just make some more and start doing 120 Things In 20 Years

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  1. One of your 'things' is electronics, make a new, electronic, clock that has the correct number of minutes in it.


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