Snail farming - sophisticated snail breeding containment saucepan

When I found those two snails making out on my front lawn, I moved them into a container with a narrow, clear plastic tub of dirt (cut from a drink bottle). This was in the hope that when they laid eggs, I'd not only be able to see them digging down, but I might even be able to see the eggs through the side of the clear plastic tub. If I get really lucky I might be able to actually record them in the laying process.

If all goes well, they should be laying within the next 2 or 3 days.

The soil is a rich but well draining soil from my backyard. I hope it will be suitable. At this stage I have no idea what they really like to lay eggs in, but anything that has conquered the world like the garden snail cant be all that fussy.

The snail on the rim of the plastic tub (at 3 o'clock) seems to be spending quite a bit of time in the soil section so it may be looking for a good place to lay some eggs. I foolishly didn't mark the two I found on the front lawn so I have no idea which ones I can expect to lay eggs.

I've also been collecting whatever snails I can find and adding them to the beginnings of what will one day be my snail farm.

Sophisticated snail breeding containment saucepan
Currently, my snail farm looks a lot like a pyrex saucepan.

Some thing's look like other things by coincidence, but on this occasion, my sophisticated snail breeding containment device looks like a pyrex saucepan because it is.

I dropped a stack of alf-alfa seeds into their home, in the hope that snails would eat them when they grew, but over the next week was surprised to discover they had no interest at all in sprouts.

It was my hope that I might be able to use alf-alfa as the main food source, but after seeing how quickly lettuce gets devoured, I think it will be lettuce in the snail farm after all.

Currently my wild-collected snail farm population stands at forty. These are made of various sizes ranging from 10 mm, to about 27 (measured from side to tip of spiral)

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