Aquaponics - Silver perch scale damage

My fish went on some kind of crazy bender last night. It's as if they threw a party I wasn't invited to.

The tank was trashed with the thermometer flung casually in the middle instead of hanging neatly on the side, the half terracotta pot I recently renovated for a hide was on a crazy angle, and no longer sitting on it's side. Someone had even thrown the TV out of the window*.

The medium sized guy that in the video spends quite a bit of time sitting second from the right, seems to have come off a bit worse than the others. He looks like he tried to scale himself. Some of the others have some dents and bruises as well.

It's left me with with a decision to make, because they almost certainly injured themselves on my terracotta pot.

If they got harassed by a cat or something, they need the cover as it may well have saved them, but if they just went on a bender and ran amok for a bit, I should probably remove the terracotta pot for their own protection.

It's also possible that they are outgrowing the pot and I need a bit of a rethink. It could even be the fact that I knocked out the base to make a tunnel rather than a cave. This allows them to swim right through it. Perhaps some are swimming through too fast. A cave shape might force them to enter a bit more gently, or reverse in or something.

*TV story is a likely reconstruction, and may not have occurred exactly as depicted

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