Aquaponics - IBC's

IBC's or intermediate bulk containers are how humans shuffle bulk liquids around the world. IBC's are the container of choice when a blue barrel simply isn't big enough.

I used blue barrels in my first test system, but my new system calls for recycling on a far grander scale.

I finally managed to organize 2 IBC's, a car with a towbar, and a trailer, all on the same day, at the same time.

I also organized for it to be a spectacular day.

My IBC's originally had honey in them. They are clean, made of food grade plastic, and a little bigger than a lot of other IBC's I've seen.

Interestingly, they also have a heater in them. It turns out it's not at all uncommon for IBC's to have heaters to allow stuff like honey to flow on cold days. It seems amazing to me that we make single use containers with a plug hanging out of them. The few hours I spent in the back alleys of our port district was a bit of an eye opener in terms of just how much waste there is in industry and transport.

The "food metres" involved with aquaponics coupled with some recycling will ease my troubled head a bit.

But not much.

One IBC will be used as a fish tank and the other as a sump in my new CHIFT PIST aquaponics system.


  1. Nice! I talked to my Brother in law last weekend about getting a few myself. He said I just need to pay the $50 deposit he has on them and they are mine. He doesn't get too many come through the farm though.

    I am planning on getting at least 4. One for the fish tank, 1 for the sump, and 2 for rain-barrels, hiding under the deck.

    The built in heaters is interesting. I am wondering if you could build your own thermostat controller and run the heater in the sump? Not sure if you would need it where you are at, but I am looking at 3-4 inches of freshly falling snow myself.

  2. I don't think I'll use the heaters.

    But then I don't have to deal with snow.

    The ultimate goal would be to use a solar collector like this

  3. The cook just said "Sweet Deal"

    How big are those IBC's?

  4. Mine or mikes? Mine look like being around 1200 litres each. I didn't know IBC's came in different sizes until I found these.
    They are also good shape as they have no crazy moulded wackyness inside. They are almost a simple cube except for a slight indentation for the tap and the lid.


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