Aquaponics - Duckweed auto feeder side view

To add clarity to the previous post, here is a side view animation of the duckweed auto feeder.


  1. Exactly what I needed to see.

    Now I wonder if minnows would do well with duckweed or if it's too big for them to eat.

    Hum, I wonder if this might work for auto feeding algae?

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  3. I have been thinking about a way to do this as my fish go insane over duckweed, I'm also in South Australia and would be very interested to know if ended up implementing this.

  4. I didnt ever get around to making it, but oddly enough, was just looking at my duckweed doing exactly that behaviour two days ago.

    I was topping up the water in a new blue barrel of duckweed and I'm pretty sure it would work.

    If you're keen to make one I'd be interested to workshop it with you.


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