Aquaponics - Sump and pre-filter

We cut the sump and pre-filter. The sump is going to be the trickiest part of this aquaponics thing. Not because it should be, but because I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to painting with rubber paint. Who would have guessed? The sump will be positioned 10 feet further back and down the hill a bit, so the top will be level with its current ground level.

The pre-filter will be roughly where it is now but raised up a bit, so the top is level with the fish tank. The fish tank is yet to be bought and will be positioned against the pre-filter to the right of it.


  1. And I thought I could bite off plenty! I'm going to enjoy following your progress over the next 20 years. Good on you.

  2. It should be interesting :)

    Re: your cat door...

    How do I cut circular holes in glass? I don't need that skill today, but I'm just sure that's going to be one of the skills I'm going to need at some time in the next 20 years? :)


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