Aquaponics - Emu spin cycle

When removing rust and washing your grow beds with a high pressure hose in preparation for rubber painting an auqaponics system, it's extremely important to also make sure your emu is well rinsed.

To begin, give the emu a hint that there may be some water to be enjoyed.

Wait until the absurdly oversized bird has dropped down into some crazy dinosaur footed slowly moving toward you crawl before applying the full force of the high pressure cleaner to your bird.

Ignore anything that looks like your emu's head has vanished. It is vital at this point that you realize your bird is simply shaking its head like a wet dog, and is not headless in any way.

Reapply every 10 minutes or so, or until your emu gets bored.

WARNING!!! it takes a long time for an emu to get bored... with anything. A small piece of lint, dirt or even a Wednesday can dazzle an emu into an almost coma-like state.

Your emu will dry automatically.

If you don't have an emu, you can either wait until one simply arrives to live with you, unannounced and uninvited, purchase one, or you can create a fake one using a sock filled with newspaper, an old towel, or anything else of similar awareness.*

*I love my emu.**

**Actually, I love the emu that kind of lives here when it feels like it. It's not really mine. It just visits when it wants to rest its head on somebody's shoulder for a bit, or when there are some kids around who have been instructed to keep peanuts in their pockets.


  1. I chanced upon your blog and had to say that this Emu post is really great! Also had fun reading your other projects (not that I understood every one of them) and wish you all the best in your learning journey!


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