Thinking - Lightning

I never realised just how far out of my way I'm willing to go to get struck by lightning.

I've called 000 (911) at least half a dozen times in my life.

Closer to ten times I think.

One of the times I called was to report a bushfire started by lightning. One of the other times was a house fire caused by the two %#@!*% running away from the fire they set in some guys house, and another time was a house fire caused by who knows what.

So three fires.

I'm getting worried that at some stage, the people who are authorities about such stuff will start to wonder why I'm always at the scene of such things. All I can do is proclaim vigilance.

Perhaps I'm setting fires but dont recall....

Either way, I think it's best I call the requisite authorities and have them come and put out the fires/or whatever else is required.

I'm pretty sure it isn't me.

If it was me, I'd have to doubt the first time I called the police by waving down a cop on a motorcycle, and set him off to chase the three big boys that pushed me down into the gravel and scratched my bike. I had a crazy sense of power as an eight year old boy.

Righteous, but crazy.

However it plays out, I'm of the opinion that people like fire fighters and cops are at my command.

I am a white, middle class, middle aged, male.

The world (sadly) is built for me.


I've called for a lot of fire fighters in my time, and they always respond quickly.

So today I find myself sitting in my driveway under some power lines enjoying a lightning storm, and wondering who would call the required medics on my behalf should I be struck by lightning.

After all, I'm the guy that does that. I'm not sure there is another guy in my street that does that.

I'm not even sure there is another human that does that.

I may well be the record holder for the most vigilant caller of emergency personnel on the planet for all I know. 


Actually I've got nothing to say.

Next time there is lightning, take out a chair and a beer and with a little luck, it will make you happy.

Happy is good.

Enjoy nature's extremes.

If you get killed by being stuck by lightning, sue me if you're feeling mean.

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