Thinking - Multiverse

So, apparently we live in one small manifestation of the universe within something called the Multiverse. This is according to some apparently excellent equations.

I don't like it.

One version of the Multiverse says that every possible version of the universe exists, and there's some stuff about a new universe popping into existence every time a decision is made. And a stack of other stuff as well.

As far as I can see, the main upshot of all this, is that people tend to talk about it a lot. I'm not so sure it makes any useful predictions or anything, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

As I understand it, I think it's more of an inevitable side effect of some awesome equations rather than something people really want.

I know I dont want it.

I've never been comfortable with the concept because it seems a little wasteful. Just think of how much energy is required to support a universe made entirely of blue paint with nothing (obviously) that needs painting. Painting blue paint blue is a foolish errand in anyone's book.

See my problem.

But this morning I found a yellow sticky note on my screen in my handwriting that said...

"This version of the universe just so happens to be one where the Multiverse doesn't exist."

Problem solved.

120 Things in 20 years has only had five hours sleep in the last three days, but I dont think anyone can tell.


  1. I'd hate to part with words like "past", "destiny", "inevitable", also "future" would always have to be plural and that would totally mess up my conjugations.

    1. Have I checked who you are yet? I know someone with your name (ish) but dont know if it's you. Are you you? Do you know me? Are we, for example related in any way?


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