Winner - The first 120 things in 20 years competition

So a while ago, I bought a MPPT solar charge controller.

It turns out the nice ebay based company I bought it from was a fraud, and sold me a product that wouldn't work with my solar panel in spite of my having asked them and then double checking. My solar panel had too high a voltage, but the listing said it would be fine.


The result was that I was sent a product that didn't work as advertised.

Eventually ebay made them give me my money back. The company insisted I return their product at my expense.

I posted it to their registered address, but the post office in China said there was nobody by that name at that address.

So China Post returned it to sender.


All this is old news to anyone who follows this blog, but this is the new bit.

I thought I'd give it away because it's of no use to me, and might be exactly what someone else wanted. But who to give it to?

I thought I'd hold a competition, and give it to the winner, but I cant think of a decent theme.

The current plan for the first ever 120 things in 20 years competition is to run it through the invention engine and see what it thinks.

so... stay tuned I guess. It's late, and I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow, the competition begins!

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