Aquaponics - Flow meter

I got up in the night a week ago, went for a stroll through my house, and promptly fell over a lump of furniture nesting in my hallway. The last few weeks has seen us deciding that we really don't need a ... whatever you call that room with couches and a TV in your part of the world ... living room, lounge room... something like that if you speak English. Anyway, we decided we don't do enough "living" or "lounging" to really need a room dedicated to it, so we filled it full of floor to ceiling shelving, some desks and benches, and turned it into something more like a factory. A factory that doesn't actually produce anything, but does a heap of product development.

We figure when we want to entertain, we'll just do it at our guest's house.

The result of all this that meandering about our house, is a river of transient furniture acting as flotsam and jetsam and nesting where it feels most comfortable, or simply where it last got stuck.

The result of that, is I tripped over an upturned thing with casters on the legs and impaled myself in the lower rib cage.

The next day I went to a doctor with a temperature of 39.7 c.

Who knew falling down gives you a temperature?  The doc thought I had ruptured my spleen so he suggested I go to hospital. The hospital decided I had three cracked ribs and pneumonia. A week later they finally disconnected all the feeding tubes, the morphine drip, and the catheter and let me go home.

The interesting upshot of all this, is that as a result of being given some kind of lung exercise device, I now have an excellent flow metre for my aquaponics system.

Which is nice.


  1. I hung on to one as well. My mom's I think it was. I have it around here somewheres... Didn't see an obvious use for it at the time, but it's too good to toss away.

  2. Yeah you have to keep all the stuff that's interesting. It always either comes in hand or inspires some other idea.


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