Epic adventurer - Fishing gear theft

Someone stole all my fishing gear from my shed, so the epic adventure has been postponed at least for another year.


The only time I really shopped for quality was for my fishing gear. It was the backbone of the trip and had to reliably feed me every day I was away.

I hope whoever stole it cares for it as much as I did over the 6 years it took me to accumulate it.

It was around $500 dollars worth of small, light weight gear (4 lb line) that I had bought over the last 6 years, all based around what I would need to fish all day as I boated along. I bought reasonable quality stuff as I would have limited ability to repair it. Not "real money" quality, because that's way out of my league, but stuff that with a bit of care and maintenance would outlast me.

Now I spend my days wondering if there is any point trying to buy anything else because they will be back.

Even more sad, is the almost certain reality that the person who stole it suffered a desperation for the funds it generated for just that afternoon.

I guess their life probably sucks more than mine.


  1. I could feel how invested you are to those fishing gears, what with more than half a decade it took you to accumulate it. I’m sorry that some people have no regards for that, and took your precious possessions away from you just like that. I hope you managed to replace the lost gear and are able to resume your epic adventures.

    Kathleen Gardner @ Bid2Fish

  2. Thanks. Yes the gear has been replaced, but with second hand stuff that of much lesser quality. The trip is back on target and I've just bought the solar panels that will power the boat. Keep an eye out for my little Pen reel with the hand made extra washer to get the line lying just right on the spool :) Good luck with the new venture.


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