Thinking - Starbuck

I'm going to try to work the word "**systemically" into more conversations from now on.

Sometimes I marvel at the total awesomeness of the net. As long as I have a net connection, I effectively know everything you humans have ever worked out.

Unless there is a coffee house or a 1978 sifi* TV series, or worse yet, a naughties remake of said 70's TV series with the same name.

Then I'm doomed.

I wanted to know about someone called "Starbuck", and more specifically, I waned to find out what all the fuss was about, and why everyone called everything "Starbuck(s)".

Sometimes it's simply too hard and you have to wade through too much crud.

What I need is either a thing that just adds a few different suffixes to everything, or a special "I want the thing that's probably unpopular" function on google. The suffixes would probably include things like "General", "Sir" or ... well that's all I can think of really.

Just "General", and "Sir".

Perhaps I could just try those two search suffixes on my own without having to change the rest of the world.

I guess it could work.

*120 Things in 20 years - Did you know that if you do a search for sifi, you get a link to "systemically** important financial institution" but scifi gets you something that makes sense? I'm guessing it's actually substantially easier than I report to find the right stuff when thinking about people named "Starbuck" when you can spell.

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