Electronics - Aquaponics - Demand feeder version 2 schematic

I've been busy.

I've been busy learning how to create a plan, and a circuit schematic to go with the plan.

It looks like this, and I think it might be finished.

I now know a stack of stuff that I didn't before.

Things like...

It's ok to not connect up the earth (0 volt) wires in a schematic.

You just label them as earths, and leave them hanging in the wind.

It actually makes the diagram a look a lot better to read. (thanks SuperVeg)

When you make a real version, all those earths, are connected to the power supply's negative terminal.

So now that I have a plan and a circuit diagram, my next step will be to build a working model on a breadboard, then solder the real thing together.

I've already started.

I've also started to write some of the required software.

120 Things in 20 years - It's 3am

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